Validation Case Studies

When you work with us, you not only gain a world-class product, but also a wealth of industry knowledge to back it up! Below you will find excerpts from our significant case studies.


  • “The results of the gas absorption tests indicate that Sorbite panels absorb both ethylene gas and acetic acid. The tests results show that airborne acetic acid is absorbed rapidly and completely (approximately 20 minutes for >96% absorption). On average a 60% reduction in ethylene gas concentrations was measured after 24 hours.”
  • “In view of the fact that Humidity Control Filters exude no fumes and are light weight we have no recourse but to state the Humitech filter poses no safety or health hazards, and this opinion is reflected by OSHA officials. We are impressed with the high quality and potential of this unit in improving our way of life and wish you well.”
  • “The mineral is able to absorb and desorb a maximum of 48% of its weight in water. The favorable results of these experiments indicate that this mineral will reduce the energy and maintenance costs of operating the refrigerator units by controlling the humidity.”
  • “This unique mineral does indeed absorb up to 60% of its ownweight in moisture.”
  • “A substantial number of both bacterial and mold based cultures were exposed to both the raw mineral and the containment bag. None of the cultures were able to sustain growth on the exposed areas.”