The Benefits


There are endless benefits to utilizing Humidity Control Filters in all of your Walk-in & Reach-in Coolers/Freezers:

  • A drastic increase in the quality of perishables
  • Ethylene gas, which promotes the premature ripening of fruits, vegetables, and flowers is diminished significantly
  • Vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus stay crispier and do not brown on the edges as quickly
  • Berries hold their color and taste for longer periods of time and don’t mold as quickly
  • Meats need less trimming and stay juicer due to dry air moving away from the product
  • Seafood does not produce a slimy skin or dry out as rapidly
  • Odor, bacteria, and taste contamination is controlled
  • A reduction of excess relative humidity is paired with a decline in compressor running time, thereby resulting in substantial energy savings
    Walls, floors, and surfaces dry completely, resulting in a safer food-storage environment that helps mitigate the potential for accidents