Food Preservation

Absorbs Ethylene Gas

> Ethylene is a natural plant hormone produced by metabolism in most fruit and vegetables. It initiates and accelerates the ripening of fruit and causes vegetables to deteriorate rapidly. This unavoidable process is a major problem, since in almost all applications non-compatible fruits and vegetables are stored in the same cooler.

> By absorbing these gases, the life of your stored fruit and vegetables can be extended by 50-100% depending on the type of fruit & produce.

Eliminates Odors

> Odor consists of tiny physical particles that attach to moisture molecules. The organic minerals found in our filters posses a naturally occurring, negative ionic charge that allows them to absorb positively charged moisture molecules.

> When excess moisture is absorbed, odor is trapped as well. This prevents food-to-food odor transfer, resulting in better tasting food. The process works repeatedly to keep your coolers smelling fresh and clean!

Reduces the Threat of Food-Borne Illness

> Our filters control the risk factors to create a safer food storage environment, thereby reducing the risk of food-borne illness.

> The USDA reports that spoilage bacteria reproduce rapidly and in some cases can double their numbers in as little as 20 minutes when excess moisture and improper temperatures are present.

> Coolers are ideal environments for mold growth due to high moisture levels and temperature changes resulting from frequent entries/exits and repair shut downs.