Humidity control is a relatively new discussion in the greater food science debate, but a crucial one nonetheless. It requires far more attention and commitment than it is currently receiving from food, health and safety professionals.

Humidity Control Filters (HCF) has over the past 20 years ably demonstrated that it can naturally control humidity with its 100% natural mineral, Sorbite, which also absorbs ethylene gas, acetic acid and air-borne bacteria in commercial food perishable walk-in coolers.

The Secret Lies Within the Minerals

> According to the many independent lab tests that we’ve conducted, our filters have shown the natural ability to absorb up to 48% of its weight in moisture.

> Laboratory tests have also shown that our minerals can absorb up to 79% of produced ethylene gas and 99.7% of acetic acid.

Humidity Regulator

> Contaminated water molecules are absorbed and filtered through the mineral pores inside our filters. With the ability to absorb excess moisture in the air and then release it  back into your fridge when the air becomes too dry, your refrigerator is able to maintain the “ideal” humidity range for the ideal storage of perishable goods.

> Humidity is most simply described as the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere (relative humidity). Various atmospheric factors such as pressure and temperature can drastically change the properties of humidity causing levels to change quickly and sometimes without notice. It is these combinations that play havoc for items stored in refrigeration units such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, flowers, and other perishables.